Sober Communities are an invaluable source of support and encouragement for those seeking sobriety.

A Sober Community should always be a positive space, where people feel safe.

At Sober Code we encourage Sober Communities to monitor interactions and insist on
- all members being treated with dignity and respect. Always
- zero tolerance of bullying
- zero tolerance of humiliation or shaming

Alcohol and alcohol dependence thrive on stigma and shame. Sober Communities have a responsibility to keep members safe from harm.

What Sober Communities Are Saying...

"As co-host of Over The Influence, the alcohol-free podcast, and co-founder of the Over The Influence community, one of the most rewarding aspects of sobriety is giving back, being a voice for those who feel isolated and alone and letting people know there IS another way. It's not always easy and it's not without its challenges but with support, guidance and a sense of humour lives can be changed. When Susan Laurie - one of the first guests on our podcast when we launched back in 2020 - contacted me about Sober Code I didn't hesitate to get involved. At the heart of Sober Code are the often very vulnerable people who need help with sobriety. It's imperative they're treayed with kindness, dignity, respect and understanding. Sober Code is a free resource available to reinforce that commitment and I'm personally incredibly proud to be involved." 
Sharon Hartley, Over The Influence Podcast & Online Community

Sober Code - A resource for people who need help with sobriety and a voluntary Code of Ethics for those who wish to work with them.