Sober Code is the essential resource for 

Sober Coaches and Sober Communities who are committed to the highest standards of care for anyone seeking sobriety, ensuring that a person's well-being and dignity are at the heart of any support.

And also for 

Anyone considering signing up with a Sober Coach or Sober Community.

Sober Coaches and Sober Communities are a fantastic support for those seeking sobriety, and their help and guidance can bring about real and positive change to a person's life. 

When a person is alcohol dependent, they require more specialist help. Working with those who are alcohol dependent without the necessary training, can cause them harm.

Sober Code was created to support professional Sober Coaches and Sober Communities, and to help protect vulnerable dependent drinkers.

Sober Code is a resource for Sober Coaches, Sober Communities and those who wish to sign up for their services, and is a sincere endeavour to encourage the highest ethical standards.

Read and Listen about why Sober Code was created 

Read the Alcohol Change UK Blog explaining how Sober Code came about 

"Sober Code is an important step in the right direction, for all sober coaches and sober communities and anyone who needs them."

Listen to the 'Over The Influence' Podcast about Sober Code

"In this episode we speak to Susan Laurie and Sober Dave about Sober Code. Susan approached us with the idea of Sober Code a few months ago and we immediately said we'd jump on board to help her however we could." Sharon Hartley and Ben Anderson, Over The Influence Podcast and Online Community

Sober Code - A resource for people who need help with sobriety and a voluntary Code of Ethics for those who wish to work with them.