Sober Code is a resource and voluntary code of ethics, to encourage a commitment by Sober Coaches to always -

- help to protect those whose alcohol dependence makes them vulnerable 

- ask qualifying questions about alcohol dependence as part of the chemistry session if you believe that there is a risk of physical dependence (using the AUDIT tool) 

- ensure that people who you suspect may be physically dependent on alcohol understand that withdrawal can be fatal if not managed properly 

- direct those who you believe may have a physical dependence on alcohol to seek more specialist treatment through their doctor 

- ensure that all people seeking sobriety are treated with dignity and respect at all times 

- put the welfare and needs of the client before your own

Sober Code has the support of Alcohol Change UK, Professor Sir Ian Gilmore Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK, Dan Carden MP and Christian Wakeford MP

"We think Sober Code is a great resource for coaches who plan to work with clients who want to reduce their drinking. It provides some great tools, and guidance to support them in ensuring they are only working with people for whom coaching is suitable. It's also a good resource for people who are considering using a coach, including how to decide whether coaching is right for them or not."
Alcohol Change UK 

"By providing coaches and communities with information about alcohol dependence, Sober Code encourages high ethical standards among those working with people seeking to change their relationship with alcohol, and aims to ensure those in need of specialist treatment are signposted to appropriate services." 
Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK

"Sober Code ensures that anyone seeking support for their alcohol consumption from a sober coach is provided with accurate information and support. Sober Code is also a useful tool for sober coaches, it encourages coaches to assess suitability and refer those presenting with alcohol dependence symptoms to appropriate services."
Dan Carden MP 
Vice Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Harm

"Sober Code is a lifeline to so many and ensures that communities are supported in tackling alcohol dependence with information and support. 
It fills a vital gap with no judgement or prejudice and provides coaches with what they need to help support those in need."
Christian Wakeford MP 
Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Harm

Sober Code - A resource for people who need help with sobriety and a voluntary Code of Ethics for those who wish to work with them.